NBSZ: Media urged to increase coverage on blood donation issues

By ZBC Reporter

THE media has been called on to increase its coverage and help to demystify blood donation so as to help increase blood donors to boost blood banks especially during this time when blood donations have been disrupted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Despite the challenges brought forth by the COVID 19 pandemic blood donors continue to support the cause by donating to ensure that the country does not run out of blood.

However, the media has been urged to increase its coverage on blood issues so as to raise awareness within society.

NBSZ Manicaland public relations officer Mr Nick Muparutsa emphasised the importance of continuously engaging the media.

“The media is vital in our operations and there is a need for continuous engagement. Although there has been a decline in blood donors because of COVID 19 we have enough blood for the province. We are hopeful that through this engagement we will be able to reach many other donors to come through,” says Mr Nick Muparutsa.

Zimbabwe Union of Journalists chairperson for the Manicaland chapter, Ray Bande noted the importance of continuously equipping journalists especially in areas that seem complicated to most.

“It is important to continuously equip journalists so that they will report from an informed point of view. Blood issues are usually not reported in because most do not understand them so through such programs we are able to get more information that will help us in our reporting,” he says.

NBSZ engaged on a countrywide media education program that has other provinces including Masvingo, Bulawayo and Harare having already gone through the program that is aimed at equipping journalists with relevant skills in reporting on blood donation and blood products issues.