National economy on a rebound – Mohadi

By Yolanda Moyo

ZANU PF Vice President and Second Secretary Cde Kembo Mohadi says sustainable use of high-value natural resources is the panacea to achieving an upper-middle-income economy by 2030 as enunciated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Cde Mohadi was speaking at a ZANU PF By-Elections campaign rally in Bulawayo this Friday.

“Under sanctions, ZANU-PF had to look inward as a strategy to burst sanctions by exploiting local high-value resources such as minerals, water and land in a sustainable way,” he said.

Cde Mohadi reiterated that the Second Republic is working hard to weed out corrupt elements in both the private and public sectors.

“It is mostly our officials who are corrupt and pass the blame on to politicians. We want a corrupt-free country so that we develop as a nation. We want to leave this country with capable leaders who understand our ethos,” he added.

He further assured the Bulawayo community that the government is working round the clock to ensure the city retains its status as the country’s industrial hub.

“Come 26 March, l would urge you to vote for ZANU-PF candidates into parliament and council. We want to turn around the rot in council. We want to do away with the garbage and raw effluent flowing. We have given the opposition a chance, 20 years is not a joke. If they fail to run a city, how can they run a country, said Mohadi.

Meanwhile, Cde Mohadi also handed over piglets, chicks and certificates to young women for economic development who have been undergoing training in various empowerment projects.