Nation mourns Mai Sorobhi

By Colette Musanyera

The nation has united in mourning the late veteran actress, Mai Sorobhi who died this Monday with the majority describing her as one of the finest actresses to emerge from Zimbabwe.

Always clad in her signature floral dress and a purple beret, the late Rhoda Mtembe, who was the late Paraffin’s on-screen wife, left a mark on the local arts industry which is difficult to erase from the hearts and minds of drama enthusiasts across the country.

Her art knew no ethnic borders with fans across the country vividly remembering the queen of make belief’s catchy lines.

“She was an actress par excellence and she cannot be easily forgotten on the local arts arena,” a mourner said.

The late Mai Sorobhi’s family fondly remembers how the late actress perfectly executed her skills.

“We remember how she started acting. She made the entire family and community proud,” said Joyce Mzimba, a sister.

Martha Mtembe, her daughter, said, “The clothes she used to wear on set were given to her by her younger sister.”

Social media is also awash with condolence messages for the late actress.

Born Rhodha Mtembe, Mai Sorobhi might be gone but her legacy lives on.