Mystery shrouds 16-year-old Nyasha Jayaguru’s disappearance

By Theophilus Chuma

A suspected human trafficking case involving a high school student who disappeared four months ago remains unsolved with law enforcement agents still trying to unravel what transpired.

Four months after his disappearance, 16-year-old Nyasha Jayaguru’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Hamunyari Shumba holds her son’s picture – the only memory she has left since he disappeared on the 29th of June on his way from school.

The pain is just unbearable, made worse by not knowing whether her son is alive or not.

“I have sleepless nights wondering whether my son is alive or not. I had so much to look forward to because he is the first born, but they dealt me a huge blow. Will I ever see my son?” his mother, Mrs Hamunyari Shumba lamented.

So many questions, yet very little answers – the agony is tearing her apart.
The disappearance of Nyasha Jayaguru, a Form 4 student at Harare High School highlights the evil of human trafficking that has robbed the nation of several young lives.

A call from a stranger pretending to be his father lured the innocent life.
Mr Farai Jayaguru, the father said: “It is said Nyasha received a call asking him to meet me at NSSA building. He even sent an audio asking for directions from his friends.”

Unfortunately, this was also going to be his last communication.

Days later after a manhunt and tracking of the caller led to the arrest of one Richard Padzarondora on the 3rd of July this year.

However, the suspect later died in remand prison after confessing.

“He admitted and apologised. He actually said he felt sorry for him and dropped him off after picking him up at NSSA.”

Surprisingly, a call log history between the deceased suspect and another number (name withheld) shows intense communication during the time the boy disappeared and the ensuing bulk SMS confirming bank transactions into the account of the suspect.

The mystery begins to deepen, even surprising the law enforcers.

“It’s a very surprising and delicate case. I am shocked at the level of detail of this case and what is happening to school children. We will indeed make renewed follow up on this case and ensure that whoever is behind this is brought to book,” ZRP National Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said.

Until the case is resolved Nyasha’s mother will have to hold on a little longer because the main suspect was heartless and took all the evidence to his grave.

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