Mysterious elephants deaths: more carcasses discovered

By Luckmore Safuli

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, Zimparks says seven more elephants carcasses have been discovered around the Pandamasue area bringing to twenty two (22) the number of elephants that have died mysteriously over the past few days.

The recent aerial surveillance conducted by the country’s wildlife authority in collaboration with its partners around the Pandamasue Forest revealed there are more elephants that succumbed to the mysterious disease. On Tuesday seven more carcasses were discovered around the Pandamasue area.

Zimparks Public Relations Manager Mr Tinashe Farawo said aerial surveillances are ongoing to asses if there are still other elephants that could have died.

“We had an aerial survey on Tuesday around the Pandamasue area to assess if there are more elephants that could have died and we discovered seven more carcasses, which means in total we now have lost twenty two elephants.

Meanwhile the wildlife authority says investigations to ascertain the exact cause of the mysterious deaths are ongoing with the results expected to guide interventions.

On Monday the government of Zimbabwe revealed that preliminary results indicated that a bacterial infection might have caused the death of the elephants.

Experts have so far ruled out poaching, cyanide poisoning and anthrax and are now zeroing in on other less common causes. The mysterious death of elephants in Zimbabwe, comes at a time neighboring Botswana is still to get conclusive results on the cause of death of 281 elephants, in what some have described as a major conservation disaster.