Mwazha feud escalates

By Peter Chivhima

THE Guvambwa Shrine Easter Conference for the Apostolic African Church remains in limbo as the Archbishop Paul Mwazha siblings feud escalates.

This Tuesday, the Mwazha siblings were back in court to hear the outcome of the court whether the Easter Conference at Guvambwa Shrine in Chivhu will proceed or not.

The court proceedings continued with the African Apostolic Church, fronted by Reverend Enerst Mhambare through their lawyer, Advocate Lewis Uriri, maintaining that the Mwazha siblings led by Alfred Mwazha should not hold an Easter conference at Guvambwa Shrine in Chivhu since they have no right to do so.

However, the Kushamisa camp, through their defense counsel led by Professor Lovemore Madhuku, argued that the application filed by Reverend Mhambare lacks merit as it clearly failed to explain what a shrine is.

Madhuku also submitted that Reverend Mhambare failed to explain the unrepairable harm they will suffer if the Easter proceeds at Guvambwa Shrine in Chivhu.

The Mwazha feud started early 2020 when Archbishop Paul Mwazha is said have wanted to pass on the baton to one of his eldest sons, Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha, but it was not to be as the ceremony turned out to be a battlefield with the siblings exchanging harsh words.

This led to the church splitting into two groups.

Since then, the two have been in and out of the courts over the control of the church.

The two warring groups are led by Paul Mwazha’s eldest siblings and the other one by his youngest siblings.

The eldest siblings are Alfred Kushamisa Mwazha, Ngoni Mwazha and James Mwazha, while in the other group is suspected to be under the shadow hands of Tawanda Mwazha and Chiseko Mwazha who are pushing Enerst Mhambare.

The eldest sons are arguing about Reverend Mhambare plans to lead the church, basing on the church’s constitution which states that in the absence of the leader due to any reason, the bona-fide sons of the leader who are in the church take over the leadership.

This Tuesday, the matter was heard before High Court judge, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi after the Madhuku-represented group successfully applied for Justice Rogers Manyangadze to recuse himself from the matter.

However, Justice Mutevedzi withheld his ruling and promised both parties that the outcome will be communicated through the Clerk of Court before this Friday.