Mutimiri schools in Gokwe North to get new infrastructures

By Tafara Chikumira

GOVERNMENT has included Gokwe’s Mutimiri primary and secondary satellite schools on the list of 35 new schools which will be constructed this year after the disbursement of ZWL$4.6 billion for the project.

Located some 75 kilometres north of Gokwe Centre are Mutimiri primary and secondary satellite schools, which have some makeshift classroom blocks made out of timber and dagga.

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Primary and Secondary Education came face to face with the reality which explains why the secondary school is having a zero percent pass rate since the inception of the competence-based curriculum.

The learning environment at this school leaves a lot to be desired. The place is not conducive for learning especially with competence learning. The shades are not conducive for learning. Construction materials are gathering dust. We also have a serious shortage of textbooks at this school,” said Mutimiri Primary School head, Mr Simba Chisvuure.

We are happy you are here to see for yourself what the people here are going through. During the rains, the roads here become impassable. The students are expected to learn science and technology, but there is no network here. There is no electricity, so even if they buy the computers, what happens? You have been told that the place is prone to floods, so the computers might be soaked in water in those cabins as there are no proper facilities to keep them,” said the Acting District Development Coordinator for Gokwe North, Mr Stewart Gwatiringa.

The committee was equally shocked by the state of affairs in the flood-prone area.

It is quite shocking that we still have such kind of schools in our communities in this day and age. What really touched my heart is the fact that they are not receiving sanitary wares like the other disadvantaged communities. I am also told that they are not receiving food which is a necessity for such schools. We need to play our oversight role and bring such issues to the fore,” said Honourable Torerai Moyo , Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Primary and Secondary Schools.

Government has however assured the Mutimiri community that plans are underway to construct a primary and secondary school on higher ground.

“We are already in the process of pegging the new school at Casa Banana, which is at a higher terrain. We have realised that we have a problem that requires urgency. In two weeks’ time, we should be done pegging. The school requires priority. We intend to build one block at the primary and another at the secondary school using the devolution funds. I am also told that the local MP has pledged to build another block at the primary, while government will also construct a block each at the two schools. We will be having new schools soon and all the problems will be a thing of the past,” said Gokwe North district chief executive officer, Mr Tasiiwa Munyawu.

The Mutimiri primary and secondary schools were established in 2013 to reduce the burden of learners walking for over 10 kilometres to the nearest educational facility.