Murewa farmers take up garlic farming

By Jerold Sasa

FARMERS in Murewa District of Mashonaland East Province have embraced garlic production which has emerged as a viable economic empowerment tool.

Zimbabwe’s quest to become a major garlic producer continues with farmers in Murewa having gone into full production of the cash crop.

One of the farmers who hosted a field day this Wednesday has a hectare of garlic on his communal farm.

“I decided to plant this crop as it has economic benefits which will empower us,” said Cleopas Chinyadza, a farmer.

 “I urge other women in this area to take up this crop as it has the potential to economically empower us as women,” said Stella Kaseke, a farmer.

The government has also confirmed its full support for the farmers as the country looks at increasing foreign currency receipts.

“As government these are the crops we are encouraging our farmers to grow as it brings the much-needed foreign currency,”said Senator Aplonia Munzverengwi Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution.

“Our association is partnering farmers and government to ensure Zimbabwe becomes a major garlic exporter,”said Basil Nyabadza, the Chairperson Traditional Grains Producers Association.

China is the world’s biggest garlic producer, while the top exporters are the USA, France and Brazil.