Mukozhiwa appears in court after defrauding ZIMRA of $100k

By ZBC Reporter

A clearing agent who allegedly defrauded Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) of more than US$ 100 000 by altering import documents has appeared before a Mutare court.

34-year-old Ralph Mukozhiwa, a clearing agent with SELFMED investments was granted 10 000 Zimbabwe dollars bail and remanded to the 21st of September when he appeared in court charged with fraud.

It is alleged that on the 8th of last month Mukozhiwa misrepresented to ZIMRA officials at Forbes border post that four tankers were loaded with soya crude oil which is exempted from duty while they were loaded with diesel which pays duty.

The court heard that the accused tendered a forged Zimra manifest at Zimra crew desk for processing and the tankers were cleared to enter the country duty-free prejudicing Zimra of US$103 318.

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Cudwell Ndega faces murder charges following allegations of pulling his father’s testicles, killing him.

He was remanded in custody to the 2nd of September and advised to apply for bail at the High court.

The court heard that he accused his father of cheating on his mother while the two were drinking beer together.

It is alleged that he then went on to pull his father’s testicles until he died.