MSU to celebrate Uhuru with film

By Courage Bushe

The Midlands State University department of Media, Communication, Film and Theatre Arts is set to premiere a film titled, ‘Tsvakai’, which mirrors societal incidents that occurred during the pre and post-liberation war period during the upcoming independence day commemorations.

The movie centres on a character ‘Dambudzo’ who was victimised in his quest to try and impress people and this came with a lot of framing in the process but in the end he was vindicated.

“I was inspired by my background of being a son of a war veteran. That is where the inspiration of coming up with this concept came from and in the script, we tackled a lot of issues such as love, peace, unity and reconciliation,” said the script writer, Given Mufori.

Movie director and lecturer in the department of Media, Communication, Film and Theatre Arts, Godknows Chera indicated the film is in response to President Mnangagwa’s call to use film to portray a positive image of Zimbabwe and amplify its identity.

“The film is an amplifier of the sustainable development goals that have been set by the Second Republic. It responds to the calls by the president of portraying positive image of the nation,” he noted.

The film, which emanates from a short feature film of the same name that won the 2021 Zimbabwe International Film Festival award, is centred on various themes such as love, purpose and perseverance which the Second Republic is built upon.

It highlights issues that include the Pfumvudza concept, unity and patriotism.