Motorists welcome the opening of CVR on weekends

By Fungai Jachi

THE Government’s move to open the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) offices during the weekend has been welcomed by motorists, as the move is set to speed up vehicle registration and clear the current backlog.

Blessing Musara and other motorists got their vehicles number plates this Sunday and did not have to wait in long queues or bribe anyone for the release of the plates.

Following the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Honourable Felix Mhona’s visit last week at the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) offices where he read the riot act, motorists say there has been noticeable progress.

“I waited for my plates since November but today I just came and paid for my insurance and my plates now I am going home with my plates. It was hustle free and we are glad these offices were opened during the weekend, we are here and getting services without hustles. Some of us have no free days during the week and having to access these services during the weekend is a blessing.

The backlog in the registration of vehicles and issuance of number plates stands at 50 000, and was attributed to poor work ethic and corruption at the CVR, which resulted in a number of unregistered vehicles on the roads.

The ongoing blitz targeting unregistered, unlicensed and uninsured motor vehicles has seen over 11 000 motorists being arrested by the police.