Motorists hail police roadblock schedule review during the morning rush hour

By Fairstars Mukungurutse

The road traffic situation during the morning rush hour has improved in Harare following a review of operating hours.

As part of efforts to facilitate the smooth movement of essential service providers and motorists into the city centre during the morning rush hour, government has reviewed the police roadblock schedule which now starts at 10am.

A survey conducted by ZBC News in Harare revealed smooth flow of traffic at Mabvuku Turnoff police checkpoint, where motorists were spending up to four hours before being cleared.

It was the same situation at Chitungwiza’s Hunyani Bridge which had become impassable in the past few days with motorists welcoming the improved flow of traffic as a step in the right direction.

“We thank government for allowing us to pass through roadblocks without a hustle because for the past days the situation was bad,” said a motorist.

Another said, “You find out that the traffic jam would stretch from Manyame River to Chikwanha. We are happy today”

“Here in Mutare Road for the past days, the jam would stretch to Lafarge. It was terrible, but today the situation has improved,” said another.

Before the roadblock schedule review, Seke and Mutare roads were the most affected leaving motorists and essential service providers stranded during the morning rush hour.