Motorists call for upgrade of tollgate payment systems

By Tendai Munengwa

Motorists and travellers are appealing to relevant authorities to urgently upgrade tollgate payment system by installing the tap and go application in order to avoid congestion and delays due network challenges.

“Today is better at this Mutoko Tollgate but you find it that motorist would be forced into long queues and delayed to travel to their respective destination on time. So this old system which is coupled with network challenges on payments is causing a lot of inconveniences, says one motorist,” said a motorist.

Some cross-border truck drivers concurred that congestion at tollgates has become the order of the day, calling on relevant authorities to adopt modern payment methods.

Another motorist said, “We are spending 30 and more minutes waiting to cross tollgates especially those leading into Harare. This is affecting our timetable and business schedule.

“We appeal to government to adopt the South African model where we have our tap filled with money and we just have to tap at tollgate without being delayed notes an SA truck driver.”

Asked to comment, Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) spokesperson Tendai Mugabe hinted in a telephone interview that the tap and go project is work in progress.

The issue of congestion at tollgates once spilled into parliament, with legislators calling for a lasting solution to the issue which has become a nightmare for motorists and travellers, people, especially those on business missions. 

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