Children living on the streets pose serious danger to motorists

By Josephine Mugiyo

Street kids have become a menace in the Harare central business district where they have invaded almost every street corner, distracting motorists.

Desperation or mischief is the question that motorists find themselves asking following the death-defying antics of children living on the streets.

Their mode of operation which is to ambush a car and pretend to be cleaning it has become a hazard which is not only endangering their lives but that of people around them.

Motorists have amplified calls for relevant authorities to act fast as the situation seems to be getting out of hand.

“You will be trying to concentrate on driving and then you also have to deal with the kids who seem to come out of nowhere,” a motorist said.

“These children if only the relevant authorities could attend to them,” said another.

The City of Harare is already battling an influx of vehicles on its streets coupled with the never-ending cat and mouse games with pirate taxis hence children living on the streets have become another headache for road users.

The ZBC News came across a task force comprising social welfare personnel who were on a mission to kick-start the process of removing these children from the streets.

But as it turns out, even when they are rounded off the streets, they somehow find their way back and this trend perhaps calls for a different approach.

“This family, we had taken them to Karoi and even gave them capital to start a business project, but they are back here again. They find the streets lucrative so they come back but hand outs are not sustainable in the long run,” said Susan Rungane of the Department Of Social Welfare.

There are fears that it might take a grave incident before action is taken to protect these children and the motoring public.

However, with no lasting solution in sight, road users might just have to adapt to this new normal.