MORTON JAFFRAY: President’s ZWL$9.3 mln still to be utilised

By ZBC Reporter
THE Joint Parliamentary Thematic Committee on Human Rights; SDGs and Gender and Development has called for an inquiry to find out why Morton Jaffray Water Works has not started using the 9.3 million it received from President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year.
Speaking to ZBC News Online this Thursday, the Chairperson of the Joint Thematic Committee on Human Rights; SDGs and Gender and Development, Senator Chief Witness Bungu called for an investigation to find out why the 9.3 million received by Morton Jaffray waterworks from President Emmerson Mnangagwa has not been used when there is a lot of refurbishment needed at the plant facility.
“We have toured this facility, but the problem is that they were not forthcoming. They were not opening up. They refused to tell us their challenges. The main reason why we came was to learn about the challenges they face so we can relay them to the ministries responsible. There is no water in Harare, we wanted to know why they are not delivering. We are going to investigate why they have not started rolling out the 9.3 million. We need to know why it’s taking so long,” said the Chairperson of the joint Committees.
However, Harare City Water Director Mabhena Moyo, said the 9.3 million received from the president will go towards rehabilitating a lot of things in the plant, and the project is set to start in the next 3months.
“So far we have brought 15 new pumps to replace the old ones using the money we received from the president, he said.
The Morton Jaffray plant is where the city’s water is treated and accounts for more than half of the water which the city uses.

Water volumes at the Morton Jaffray plant continue to drop due to lack of a water supply facility. Under normal circumstances, the plant should be processing 1000 to 1200mega litres of water every day.
“Due to the low supply we have, we are currently processing 170-200mega litres every day instead of 1000. That is why we need the Musami dam project which was submitted to cabinet,” said the Harare City Water Director.
Accounting for the US$144,4 million loan agreement which they got from China to refurbish Harare’s water and related infrastructure, he said the money was used to renovate 12 plants across the country.
“The Chinese loan had 12 schedules, and only 55million went towards Morton Jaffray Water Works”.
Morton Jaffray water treatment plant has three units that supply and deliver water to the greater part of Harare.
The oldest, Unit One was built in 1954 and Units Two and Three were constructed in 1976 and 1994 respectively.
Since the construction of the water plant, the city’s population has since increased, explaining why Harare is experiencing unending water woes. Some areas in the city have gone for years without tap water.
Most areas such as Glen View, Glen Norah, Budiriro, Highfield, Kambuzuma, Avenues, Mabelreign, Bluffhill, Monavale, Avondale and Milton Park have been forced to resort to unprotected sources of water exposing themselves to waterborne diseases.