More women to participate in council management

By Theophilus Chuma

WOMEN are guaranteed additional council seats in the 2023 general elections in line with the new women’s quota which will be finalised this year.

A major milestone to cover gender parity in politics, 2023 will witness enhanced participation of women in local governance, through the implementation of the thirty percent quota.

Previously implemented at the parliamentary level, the women’s quota system will be extended to the councils level come next year, with the government confident that the remaining processes to consummate the new representation model will be finalised by mid-year.

“We have done much work to ensure that the thirty percent quota comes into effect and indeed this will be done next year. We are currently racing to fine-tune the remaining processes but that will be completed this year,” said Minister July Moyo.

The local government quota for women was passed into law through the Constitutional Amendment Bill no.2 of 2021 and will see an additional 587 seats added to the existing 1958 council seats, bringing the total number of council seats to 2545.