More modern housing units for Harare

By Wellington Makonese

Government’s target to construct 220 000 housing units by 2025 is on course, with public private partnerships at Arlington Estates in Harare yielding more than 1 000 modern housing units.

The successful construction of the mixed density accommodation at Arlington Estates in Harare which has modern housing units, recreational and industrial facilities, comes at a time government is pursuing a robust housing agenda and transformation to smart cities.

The unique settlement has small housing units in clusters and flats to cater for the diverse population of varying incomes, with the developer highlighting the importance of coordination to realise national goals.

“We are trying to create different demographic types in one area. We have ambitions government has ambitions and our customers have so after all everyone deserves a decent housing,” said executive chairman of Cardinal Corporation, Jeremy Brooke.

Compliance to the human settlement policy is what has impressed government the most, with other developers expected to use a similar model.

Honourable Daniel Garwe, the Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities noted, “The development is a response to the dictates of the Human Settlement Policy that no structure should be placed where there is a wetland. It also kills the animal that we call land barons as they are also complying with densification.”

The Second Republic has taken a deliberate approach in modernising critical infrastructure.

The New Parliament Building in Mt Hampden and the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport are some of the major projects that feed into the programme, including construction of housing units in Dombotombo, Marondera and Dzivarasekwa in Harare.