Mono Mukundu continues to scale dizzy heights

By ZBC Reporter
RENOWNED music producer Clive Mono Mukundu continues to scale dizzy heights after coming up with another compilation that brings together various artists from across the globe.
The 16-track compilation titled “Anatha Brick 9” has songs by local artists and some from beyond the country’s borders going as far as Europe.
It has songs done by Zimbabwean artists such as Derreck Mpofu, Mbeu, Patience Musa and Kambo Boys as well as Klara Wojtkowska from Poland, Bongo Riot of South Africa, Jane Doka from UK, and various upcoming artists like Chipo Muchegwa, among others.
The initiative which is Mukundu’s ninth of its kind is meant to promote the culture of working together among upcoming and established artists while also embracing diversity.
“I have been doing this since 2010 in a move to make upcoming and established artists work and learn from each other. It also helps them to embrace musical diversity. Anotha Brick 9 has artists from Zimbabwe, UK and South Africa,” said Mukundu.
Popular Dendera musician Allan Chimbetu who is also part of the project hailed the initiative indicating that it is a platform for artists to grow.
“Such projects should be promoted since they afford musicians a platform to grow musically,” said Chimbetu.
Mukundu started this annual initiative in 2010 with the production of “Anatha Brick 1” which also carries the hit Chisikana Changu Zimbabwe by Derreck Mpofu.
Songs to look out for on Anatha Brick 9 include Don’t Talk by Tocky Vibes, RIP by Bongo Riot, Violin love song by Klara Wojtkowska, Vanonyepa by Patience Musa and Chihera by Kambo Boys.