Ministry of Mines sets up taskforce to come up with ways of achieving mining sector targets despite the lockdown

By Zbc Reporter
Mines and mining development Minister Honourable Winston Chitando says a taskforce has been set up to identify how the sector can recover after the 21-day lockdown period.
The mining sector remains one of the major contributors to the country’s gross domestic product.
According to Mines and Mining Development Minister Honourable Winston Chitando, a taskforce has been set up to identify how the sector can recover after the lockdown.
“We are looking at the 21-day lockdown, so in theory we are looking at a 1/4 of a month.We would like to come up with programmes on how we can recover. And also some operations like smelters have continued running as you can’t just shut down operations,” said Hon Winston Chitando- mines and mining development minister
As the sector works on ways to boost production, Minister Chitando says they now targeting to at least surpass the 3,2 billion dollar mark achieved in 2019 .
“As a minimum we are expecting the 3,2 billion which we earned last year. Ideally we don’t want to lose the target which we had set ourselves.
The minister added that they have a number of initiatives on mining of gemstones which will be launched at the end of May and expectation is that these will go a long way in ensuring the sector gets closer to achieving its targets.
Minister Chitando is also on record stating that government is set to repossess mining claims that are being held for speculative purposes.