Minister Mutsvangwa mourns Cont Mhlanga

By ZBC Reporter

THE Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa has paid tribute to the late arts and creative director, Cont Mhlanga who died this Monday at the age of 64.

In a statement, Senator Mutsvangwa described the late Mhlanga as a man who knew the value of the arts to humanity, nation building and civilisation.

She added that the late Mhlanga used the arts to break every barrier be it creed, tribe, colour, religion, gender or racial.

Senator Mutsvangwa noted that Mhlanga through his creative works shaped and enriched artists in a way that benefitted the society and the nation at large.

Known for his professionalism, Mhlanga was the founder of the Amakhosi Theatre Productions Company which was formed in 1982.

Amakhosi started off as a youth karate club before it turned professional in 1988, giving birth to Amakhosi Performing Arts Workshop (APAW), which produced theatre plays written and directed by Mhlanga.

In 1995 Mhlanga went on to establish the country’s first privately-owned cultural centre located within the boundaries of the townships, now popularly known as the Township Square Cultural Centre.