Mining sector: Govt to announce new environmental regulations compliance measures

BY ZBC Reporter
GOVERNMENT has expressed concern over players in the mining sector who are flouting environmental regulations, with measures to ensure compliance set to be announced this Tuesday.

The law requires every mining operation, regardless of size, to submit an environmental impact assessment plan and site work plan with operations only starting upon approval.

Mines and Mining Development Minister, Honourable Winston Chitando has, however, raised a red flag, saying some mining entities are operating without following due process.

“We would like to have all mining operations operate within the context of the law. What has been happening quite often is that investors or players in the sector once they get a mining concession, be it a claim or special grant they move to start operations without getting the requisite approval and also submission of a site work plan. Once they start working some of them never get to submit the EIA or site work plan.”

According to the Minister, a new framework on regulating the mining sector is set to be announced this Tuesday.

“The measures which I am talking about will mean that the Ministers of Mines and Environment will vigorously impose the provisions of the law.“

Communities around mining areas are the most affected when companies ignore environmental regulations hence the need to enforce compliance as a matter of urgency.