Mines ministry to clamp down on unlicensed mining operations

By ZBC Reporter

THE Ministry of Mines and Mining Development is dealing decisively with unlicensed mining operations that are prejudicing government of millions of dollars and causing environmental degradation.

The clampdown has been necessitated by illegal mining operations that are fleecing government of potential revenue through channelling produce to the parallel market.

The Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Honourable Polite Kambamura told ZBC News this Tuesday that his ministry is moving in to enforce strict adherence to the country’s mining regulations without fear or favour.

“As a ministry, we have noted with concern non-compliance of mining regulations and we have compiled a least hence we are giving notice to unlicensed mining players that we are descending on them to enforce compliance,” he said.

Honourable Kambamura also reiterated the need for the country to maximise benefits from its mineral base through the efficient and effective harnessing of these finite resources for sustainable development.

“The exercise is also being driven by the knowledge that these resources are finite and currently some of them like gold are fetching high prices on the World market, hence we should capitalise on them to economically emancipate ourselves, “he added.

The stance taken by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development is a step in the right direction in plugging leakages rampant in this productive sector of the economy.

It is also in line with the target of achieving a 12-billion-dollar mining industry by the year 2023.




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