Milestone achievements recorded in the ICT sector

By Kenias Chivuzhe

Increased investment towards digitalising and promoting the uptake of ICT as drivers of economic growth remains one of government’s top priorities to accelerate economic growth.

Students from Dowa Primary and Gwangwadza Secondary schools in Makoni West, which have benefited from the government-led computerisation and e-learning programme, are convinced that the intervention will improve their learning environment.

“Computers helps us a lot if we have shortage of books. At the moment we don’t have enough heritage studies books and we are able to conduct researches,” a student said.

Another noted: “There are shortage of books and internet connectivity ensure that we have information that improves our studying conditions.”

The local community, government officials and political leaders are upbeat about how ICT uptake is advancing inclusive development and believe this will improve rural schools pass rates.

“We are seeing that this programme has been brought to rural areas that were previously left of the development matric,” a parent said.

Said another: “It’s good to see young people getting used to computers at this age. Its tells you that wen are moving with times and President’s agenda of digitalize the entire country’s economy.”

In an interview during the commissioning of the ICT laboratories, the Minister of Information, Communication Technologies, Postal and Courier Services, Dr Jenfan Muswere spoke about the requirements for a successful digital economy.

“For a digital economy to be successful, human capital development is a key cog and a key element which is very important. As we develop this digital economy, we need companies, we need battalions, we need brigades and armies of young people who can tape into the global digital data base. We need young people who can develop various digital initiatives in order to transform the human capital development into productivity and ICT development growth.”

Dr Muswere revealed that the smart cities initiative has also recorded milestone successes, with efforts being directed towards the utilisation of camera technology focusing on number plates and facial recognition to arrest criminals and ensure a safe environment for all.