Miami building collapse: Demands for answers grow

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said people “have a right to know” how a 12-storey building collapsed in the US city of Miami, as the search for survivors continues.

The number of people listed as missing remains at 159, officials say, with four people known to have died.

At least 102 people have now been accounted for, but it is uncertain how many were inside when it came down.

Questions are now growing about what caused the building to collapse.

Speaking on Friday, Governor DeSantis said the focus remained on finding survivors.

But he called for a “timely” explanation for what happened, adding they needed to know “if this is a bigger issue, or something unique to the building”.

Champlain Towers South was completed in 1981. When it collapsed it was going through a recertification process for 40-year-old buildings, in line with city safety regulations.


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