Mhangura farmers rehabilitate 150 km of road network

By Regis Mhako in Mhangura
AN Association of Mhangura farmers has taken a proactive developmental approach, using their own resources to rehabilitate a 150-kilometre road network
The association took it upon itself to initiate development in Mhangura and started off with the rehabilitation of roads that link various communities in the predominantly farming area.
According to Mhangura farmers’ association committee member Mr James Masango, the farmers made a contribution of close to 6000 litres of diesel and used about 25 thousand Zimbabwean dollars towards maintenance and repairs of a grader from Makonde rural district council.
“As an association, we came up with sub-committees and the first one to hit the ground running was the roads subcommittee. The roads are done now. When we started, the farmers were motivated and contributed mainly diesel,” he said.
Mhangura farmers association chairman Mr Lameck Mauhy said transparency and accountability was key to the success of the project.
“It’s the transparency that we had that made people come on board and make contributions towards the rehabilitation of the roads. People contributed varying amounts depending on their capabilities. We have about 200 farmers around the area but about 53 were at the fore of the project,” he said.
Another Mhangura based farmer Robert Mckersie spoke on the need to create storm drains to avoid road damages.
“We still need to do storm drains. What made the project a success was the clear designation of authority in terms of coordination,” he said.
Legislator for Mhangura Cde Precious Masango applauded the development, saying it is a clear example of community effort for local development.
“Good roads assist farmers in taking produce to the markets. We need to have indigenous effort towards development,” he said.
The Mhangura farmers’ association hopes to rehabilitate other road networks in Mhangura but these efforts depend on support from other players such as the Makonde rural district.