MDC-T engages govt on urban councils mismanagement

By Stanley James

Opposition MDC-T says dialogue with government will be critical in finding a lasting solution to challenges that have seen urban local authorities failing to fulfil their mandate.

It is the role and responsibility of local authorities to provide quality services to citizens.

However, with issues of corruption and illegal settlements rife in most local authorities, stakeholders have raised concern over the management of urban councils.

Speaking at a media briefing in Harare this Tuesday, MDC-T President Mr Douglas Mwonzora said the only way out of the mess is meaningful dialogue with government.

“We just need a system that can augur well to the needs of the councils remember we the opposition have the dominance of councillors in the urban areas so we need to engage the government it is no more time for blame games but to unite.”

The MDC-T has also underscored the need to speed up the implementation of the devolution programme towards the economic development of communities.

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