MDC legislator faces charges of forgery

FORMER Bulawayo Deputy Mayor, who is also MDC Legislator for Njube-Lobengula, Gift Banda has appeared in court facing charges of forgery.
Banda, aged 50 is jointly charged with Mbonisi David Nkomazana aged 33 and Bard Real Estates firm.
It is alleged that Banda and his accomplice forged a signature purporting that Nkululeko Ndlovu had agreed to sell his residential stand in Selbourne Brooke, Bulawayo.
The court heard that Ndlovu bought his stand in February 2015 after signing an agreement of Sale with Bulawayo Glass and Allied Products Pvt Ltd, represented by the late Sipho Mhlanga who was the land developer and owner of the stand.
The State alleges that sometime in 2017, Banda approached Ndlovu and offered to buy the stand promising him a bigger stand in Paddonhurst.
Banda allegedly failed to abide by the terms of the agreement and subsequently offered to buy the residential stand in question in cash. He again allegedly failed to honour the promise.
It is further alleged that Banda and his co-accused also forged an agreement of sale for the stand from Bulawayo Glass and Allied Products which was drafted by Nkomazana using the Bard Real Estates logo.
Ndlovu, who was visibly emotionally charged as he gave his testimony, told the court that the documents which Banda and the real estate company claim to be evidence of the agreement of sale are fraudulent.
The complainant said he only had a verbal agreement with Banda before changing his mind.