Mberengwa RDC urged to broaden revenue base

By ZBC Reporter
MBERENGWA Rural District council has been urged to collect revenue from small scale miners to grow its gross domestic product.
Endowed with vast mineral resources, Mberengwa district in the Midlands Province will certainly grow its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by broadening its revenue collection base, among other initiatives.
It is against this background that the Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs, Senator Larry Mavhima is urging the Rural District Council to implement an effective revenue collection strategy that targets tax contributions from small scale miners operating in the district.
He was speaking at a meeting with the Mberengwa community at Mataga Growth Point on Friday.
“We should look around and see what our economy is made of. Here in Mberengwa, we are a step further as we have minerals so we should see to it how we can collect revenue from small scale miners,” said Senator Mavhima
Mberengwa Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Thompson Maeresera gave a rundown of how the local authority is utilising devolution funds.
“To date we have received a total of $6,628,000 in devolution funds and we have since purchased a tipper, bought materials for Bayayi clinic and started the construction of another clinic in ward 13. We also hope to refurbish some schools.”
Water has been a challenge for the district which had 148 boreholes drying up last year, leaving 615 functioning, according to the District Development Coordinator, Ndeya Nyede.
“Water is a challenge and as such, we are pleading to have one ZINWA catchment area for our two growth points,” said Nyede.
Mberengwa district also has a poor road network. The government has started a project to surface some of the roads among them one that links Mberengwa district offices and West Nicholson in Matabeleland South province.