Mbare toilets now open to the public for free

By Tendai Munengwa

Sanity has finally prevailed at Mbare Musika after public toilets which had been privatised by some councillors and individuals were re-opened to the public to use free of charge. 

This comes after Government acted on its pledge to intervene and reverse the privatisation of Mbare Musika public toilets.

A visit to Mbare showed that all public toilets are now open to use free of charge.

The public has hailed the quick intervention by government and City of Harare to flush out criminals who were swindling them.

“We want to thank our government and the local authority for acting to give Caesar what belongs to Caesar,” a Mbare resident said.

“These extortionists must face the full wrath of the law, and government should go further and restore sanity on all council properties which have been stolen by greedy councilors,” another added.

Harare Mayor Councillor Steward Mtizwa says all those who had converted public toilets into pay facilities are extortionists who face arrest, as there was no agreement for such a partnership.

“I want to make it clear that all toilets at Mbare are public and those in the CBD except for one underground toilet at First Street is a pay toilet. Council has no agreement or any sort of partnership with those who claim that they have leases to privatise public toilets. All those who were involved will face arrest as they are extorting people,” noted Mayor Mtizwa.

The exposé by ZBC News on the privatisation of Mbare public toilets has opened a can of worms, with government and the city council resolving to come up with a plan to recover several council properties which have either been privatised or converted to personal use by individuals and the opposition-led council over the past years.