Mayweather promoter in Zimbabwe with ‘Boika’ as he seeks to assist Zimbabwe

By Larry Trusida Sports Editor
ONE of local sport’s sleeping giants is set for greater heights after the arrival of renowned American boxing promoter and manager, Justin Mendy.
Edward Mendy who manages Justin Mayweather, brother to boxing legend Flyod Mayweather, touched down at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International airport from Dubai where he hosted the ‘War in the Shore’ fight night in the United Arab Emirates that saw WBO Africa Champion Brendon ‘Boika’ Denesi, defeating highly rated Afghan boxer Ahmad Samir Darwan via a unanimous decision.

Mendy, who will be partnering a local touring company, Monkey Safaris to host an international bout, says he is in Zimbabwe to show to the world what the country has to offer.
“Well I am here for partnerships this country has a lot of talent and we have already held meeting with the Federation on how we are going forward, but there is a lot of talent here that is why you have international champions and they need to be supported,” he said.
Mendy is back in Zimbabwe for the second time after his first visit in 2015.
Meanwhile Boika has clarified the confusion that surrounded the end of his fight when the referee raised his opponent’s hand, while an announcement that Boika had won the fight was being made.
“I don’t even know what they were trying to do the judges all scored in my favor and it was a unanimous decision and the announcer read the score card but the referee decided his own but I was the winner and the Federation confirmed it,’ he explained.
Boika is expected to have one more fight in Dubai before he goes to the big leagues of Las Vegas with Justin Mendy promoting the fights.

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