Mayor’s Christmas cheer fund brings joy to the less privileged

By ZBC Reporter
THIS Tuesday at least 600 vulnerable members of society in Mutare benefited from the Mayor’s Christmas Cheer fund as they received an assortment of goods.
The Mutare Mayor’s Christmas cheer fund had died a natural death but this year the vulnerable members of society were pampered with bags full of assorted goodies.
Mutare Ward 14 councillor Blessing Tandi said plans are underway to come up with projects that will uplift the livelihoods of vulnerable members of society.
About 600 people benefited from the Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund. We aim to go beyond giving out handouts we want our people to be able to earn a living on their own that is why we want to create a platform for them to be able to do so. We also have other beneficiaries whom we are paying tuition fees for, from primary to tertiary level because as the city fathers we want our people to excel,” he said.
Beneficiaries who spoke to ZBC News could not hide their joy as the goodies they received have brought hope that this year’s Christmas will be memorable.
“For a long time we were not remembered but this year we want to thank those who made it possible for us to be given these goodies. We are grateful because most of us are suffering but today we at least got something. This initiative is a good one because for long we were forgotten but now we are going to enjoy our Christmas, said one of the beneficiaries.