Matutu: failed shutdown mere political posturing

By Bruce Chahwanda, Political Editor

It was business as usual across the country this Monday as Zimbabweans ignored calls for the so-called shutdown by proponents of the regime change agenda.

In an attempt to destabilise the country’s economy, agents of the regime change agenda and their handlers called for a shutdown this Monday, but it was a monumental flop after being ignored by the citizenry.

Indeed, it was yet another hard lesson for the country’s detractors as their latest attempt to soil the image of the Second Republic found no takers with Zimbabweans embracing hard honest work towards the attainment of Vision 2030.

Those who spoke to ZBC News in Harare said there is no need for such archaic and retrogressive confrontational strategies.

Former opposition legislator and lawyer, Tongai Matutu says the antics are predictable as the country is heading towards the 2023 elections.

“These are the usual gimmicks. We will witness going forward especially when we have economic saboteurs who survive on conflict, conflict entrepreneurs. They don’t want to see economic growth; they don’t want to see people living in harmony; they don’t want to see people rebuilding their economy. It’s a clear sign of what we are going to see when we approach 2023 elections. We will see more demonstrations, boycotts and violence going forward. Political posturing is their life and that is the only way they need to justify their existence,” he said.

The so-called shutdown comes after former opposition legislator Patrick Chidhakwa revealed on his Twitter handle that regime change agents are planning to create a hostile environment with guns having been smuggled into the country as part of efforts to soil the country’s image