Masvingo runs dry despite the rains

By ZBC Reporter

Dry water taps have become a common feature in Masvingo exposing the failure by the ocal authority to fulfil its mandate.

Water tanks have become an alternative source of the precious liquid.

Overwhelmed by the number of desperate residents, the water tanks close to Mucheke old People’s Home sometimes run dry and that was the case this Monday with the ZBC News crew having to look elsewhere for the precious liquid.

Since December last year, residents of Masvingo have been grappling with severe water shortages which have resulted in some areas receiving water only once in two weeks.

In some areas, residents claim they can go for up to two weeks without running water.

The scarcity of water has also led to mini-wars with accusations and counter accusations between residents and those in charge of monitoring distribution at the designated water points.

The city fathers admit the situation is dire and attribute the water challenges to the break-down of a ZESA transformer on the 18th of December.

“We had an unfortunate transformer break down on the 18th of December so we did not have a standby transformer. So it means our pumping capacity is affected. We are now using water pumps,” said the Acting Town Clerk Engineer Edward Mukaratirwa.

As if that is not enough the city has also been under fire for providing dirty water on the few occasions it is available.

“We have moved in to address the situation. We re-did the cleaning of the pipeline and also the storage tanks and are now cleaning the main lines.”

According to council officials, the power transformer which is affecting the provision of water is expected to be fixed by next week.

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