Massive maize project at Mbungo Estates

By Mercy Bofu

The government has pledged commitment to work with religious organisations who actively participate in national economic development projects.

A delegation of provincial heads of different departments in Masvingo visited Mbungo Estates to have an appreciation of various agriculture projects undertaken by Zion Christian Church.

With nearly 300 hectares of maize this season, Mbungo Estates is expecting an average of seven tonnes per hectare due to government’s support through the command agriculture programme.

Mbungo Estates Manager Robert Musesa said: “This year as you can see, we participated in the Command project under maize. We expect a yield of up to an average seven tonnes, after which we will plant winter wheat.”

The church Leader, Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, called on all citizens including churches to participate in economic development programmes.

“Even in the Bible we are reminded that we must work, that is why God gave us the land and instructed us to use our hands in order to have fruits,” he said.

The government will continue partnering and supporting massive agriculture initiatives to ensure vision 2030 is achieved.

“This is what is expected under the NDS 1 and to ensure Vision 2030 become a reality. Government will continue supporting such initiatives,” Dr. Jefta Sakupwanya, Masvingo Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution noted.

Apart from the maize project, the Zion Christian Church is undertaking other projects like construction of dams for irrigation and tourism facilities among others.