Mash Central gears up for 19th ZANU PF Annual National People’s Conference

By ZBC Reporter
PREPARATIONS for the 19th Zanu PF Annual National People’s Conference slated for Mashonaland central are at an advanced stage, with the provincial leadership saying they are pulling all stops to ensure the event lives up to expectations.
Chairperson of the Working Committee, Dr Lazarus Dokora said the business community and farmers, among other stakeholders, have made significant contributions towards the success of the event.
“We started off by consulting the business community so that they can be ready to supply various necessities to the multitudes that are likely to come, traditional leaders have been consulted. Resources are still being mobilised but we are happy with the response,” he said.
Zanu Pf Provincial Chairperson, Cde Kazembe Kazembe said the province will host the conference celebrating progress being made, while senior politburo member Cde Kenneth Musanhi urged all party officials to pull in one direction.
“We are very privileged to be hosting this conference at the backdrop of Government successes, in bringing some semblance of economic stability, budget surplus, establishing our own currency even though some still see this as little achievements.
“Hosting the conference means we have to be united for this cause, we have to set aside everything as else and build on making a very prosperous congress which will set a tone for economic development,” they said.
The business community views the conference as an opportunity to invest and offer support to the party thereby stirring nation development.
“We have seen the party giving us resources to start our businesses hence we are ready to partner for the success of it. As youth we believe many business opportunities from accommodation, transport will open up so we are supporting,” they said.
The province is yet to decide on the actual venue, with Nzvimbo Growth point, Chipindura secondary School in Bindura and Bindura University shortlisted as the possible sites.