Marula plant vital cog in development, locals

By Mercy Bofu

The country is set to benefit from the Amarula plant commissioned in Rutenga this Monday through employment creation and foreign currency earnings.

Apart from producing their popular traditional Mukumbi brew from the Marula fruit (known as Mapfura in Shona), the people of Mwenezi never imagined that one day they will would sell the Marula fruit to a well-established firm.

Thanks to the second republic, a booming industry is now on the horizon, with the Mwenezi community viewing the Marula plant as a game changer in terms of employment creation and foreign currency earnings for the nation.

“We are elated. We never thought we would witness such a development in this area. We are happy,” a chief in the area said.

Another commented: “We never thought such a big development would occur in our community, now our traditional beer will be value-added to become a drink of international standards, which we will sell to other countries. This will definitely create jobs for our children.”

The Marula plant established by the National Biotechnology Authority has the capacity to process 50 tonnes of Amarula per month.

“It has the capacity to process 50 tonnes of aMarula per month in terms of juice we will be producing 175 thousand litres of juice that will be converted into wine. As far as expansion we are looking forward to expand to other districts that have the Marula plant, explained National Biotechnology Authority Chief Executive Officer, Dr Dexter Savadye.

Besides making wines from the Marula fruit, the firm also produces oils, stock feed and processes other fruits.

To ensure the plant continues running throughout the year, the National Biotechnology Authority is set to establish a Marula fruit plantation in Rutenga.

The country’s national development strategy recognises that the key link to economic transformation is value addition and beneficiation.

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