Marshall Dzikiti lands role in ‘Sword of Mochudi’ film

By Collete Musanyera
ZIMBABWEANS continue to shine on the regional entertainment scene, with the latest being Botswana-based Marshall Dzikiti, who has landed a leading role in a film titled: The Sword of Mochudi.
Dzikiti marked his cinema debut with a big role in The Sword of Mochudi in which he plays the role of the Warrior King.
“The role that I play in the movie is that of a warrior king, the father to the princess and my breakthrough into this industry wasn’t that difficult. I have been in Botswana for quite some time I have been involved in school dramas. The Sword of Mochudi has been showcased in Italy at a film festival, in Zambia, USA and also Canada. The film is also set to be showcased in Zimbabwe,” said Mochudi.
Dzikiti, who started with theatre and school dramas, is one of the leading characters in a film that made its way into international film festivals where it was selected and nominated for the Golden Short Film Awards category in Italy.
The Sword of Mochudi was also picked up by several international networks such as Kweli TV in the USA.
Dzikiti was also given a role in the sequel of The Sword of Mochudi, titled Birth of a Giant.