Manicaland Province clocks 95 % of wheat target

By ZBC Reporter
MNICALAND Province has increased its winter wheat hectarage from two thousand hectares planted last year to over six thousand hectares this season.
Manicaland Provincial Agritex Officer, Mrs Philipa Rwambiwa has expressed optimism that the province will meet its 36 thousand tonne winter wheat target with at least six thousand, six hundred and eleven (6 611) hectares having been planted.
“We had a target of 7 thousand hectares of wheat of which we have done 6611 hectares. This is 95% of what we had targeted. We are happy with this achievement because earlier on last season we had almost 2 thousand hectares so this is almost times three what we did this season…,” she said.
Mrs Rwambiwa added that the winter wheat season has largely been successful due to uninterrupted power supply in the country.
“We almost did about 45% of the grain requirements for the province and we are also augmenting the requirement by producing winter maize and so far we have done almost 700 hectares and more is being planted…,” she said.
The Pfumvudza training programme meant to improve food security in the country through the crop production intensification approach, is also on course with over a hundred thousand farmers having been trained so far.
“We have around one hundred and three (103) thousand farmers who have been trained and of those 103 thousand farmers trained, about 20 thousand have prepared their plots and are awaiting their inputs and we are expecting an early delivery before 1 September…., ” she said.
Manicaland is expected to contribute 36 thousand tonnes to the national wheat target of 416 thousand tonnes this season.