Manicaland Agricultural Show officially opens

By ZBC Reporter

More than a hundred exhibitors participated at this year’s Manicaland Agricultural Show which was last held in 2019 due to the negative effects of Covid-19.

Participants spoke on the exhibitions that cut across all sectors of the economy anchored on agriculture.

We are exhibiting a number of research initiatives focusing on new plant varieties and research on new paste and disease. Research helps to grow the agriculture sector and gravitates the country towards the attainment of vision 2030.

This year’s agricultural show is contributing towards the realisation of vision 2030.As police we are exhibiting on crime control that affects the agriculture sector among other sectors of the  economy. Crime affects development.

We are showcasing the piggery project we are doing at Mutare teachers college. This project is aimed at generating income and to help teach our students. We are benefiting a lot from this agricultural show as we showcase our projects and share knowledge and experience with farmers,they said.

Chairperson of the Manicaland Agriculture Show Society Patient Mbarara noted that this year’s event has exceeded their expectations.

Despite having faced a lot of challenges due to Covid-19, the number of exhibitors exceeded our expectations. In 2019 when we last held the show we attracted about 180 exhibitors. This year we set our target at 90 due to the effects of Covid-19.I am delighted to note that by Thursday we had exceeded 100 exhibitors and we project to reach 120 exhibitors which is beyond our target. We have also attracted about 6 new exhibitors from Harare, said Mabara.

Deputy Director in the Office of the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Mr Lucky Basopo was impressed by the quality of exhibitions.

The quality of exhibitions reflects on the growth of the economy. I toured the livestock section where there is new thrust on controlling January disease that killed a lot of animals. The security sector has also exhibited on fighting corruption in growing the economy. In terms of agriculture there is a drive by farmers to take agriculture as business. There are a lot of initiatives and innovations with farming incorporating small grains, he said.

The agricultural show is being held at a time when farmers are already preparing for summer cropping, with forecasters predicting a normal to above normal rainfall season.

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