Man loses US$7 500 in botched forex transaction

By Fungai Jachi
A 31 year old man has appeared in court for allegedly duping an unsuspecting victim of seven thousand five hundred United States dollars in a botched foreign exchange deal.
Unsuspecting victims continue to lose cash to con-artists with the latest being a Harare man who lost 7 500 United States dollars in a foreign currency exchange deal.
It is the State’s case that Patrick Mpandawana, who is facing charges of fraud, allegedly misrepresented to the complainant that he had ZWL$1.5 million he could transfer in exchange for United States dollars.
The court heard that the complainant handed over 7 500 United States dollars to the accused after he was shown a fake bank proof of transfer.
It is alleged that the complainant only realised he had been duped when he tried to use the money.
The accused has been remanded to the 10th of May on ZWL$15 000 bail.
Meanwhile, 44 year old Seith Mandebvu appeared in court facing four counts of armed robbery and unlawful possession of firearms.
It is alleged that on four different occasions the accused and his alleged accomplices broke into several houses demanding cash and valuables at gun point.
The court heard that in some instances, they used machetes and iron bars to instil fear into their victims.
The accused has been remanded to the 22nd of next month and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.