Mamombe, colleagues summersault over abduction claims

By Bruce Chahwanda and Fungai Jachi

Opposition political outfits have been exposed for stage managing abductions, after Citizens Coalition for Change members, Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri made shocking revelations that they were never abducted two years after they claimed to have been taken against their will by security agents.

The nation woke up to discover that it has been taken for a ride for almost two years by Citizens Coalition for Change members; Joana Mamombe and Cecilia Chimbiri who claimed that they were abducted and sexually abused by State Security Agents in 2020.

In a shocking twist of events, the two political activists who are no strangers to controversy, after appearing in court on several occasions for various charges, made a huge somersault during their court appearance this Wednesday saying they never told anyone that they were abducted.

Shocking as it is, there have been several inconsistencies from day one with some of their claims including the fact that they were taken to an unknown place where they were subjected to abuse only to be dumped by the roadside in Bindura yet to be corroborated.

The duo who are accused of faking their abductions in May 2020, made the outrageous u-turn after the state witness in the trial revealed in court this Wednesday, that call data records on one of the cell phones believed to be owned by the two were being used during the time they claim to have been taken by the police before being abducted.

The state witness revealed that the two cellphones were active browsing Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

However, Mamombe and Chimbiri through their legal representative denied communicating with anyone about their alleged abduction.

Meanwhile, political analysts say the opposition members’ actions were meant to tarnish the country’s image through the false abduction claims which they now disown.

May 2020 saw international media going overdrive casting screaming headlines discrediting Zimbabwe over allegations of abductions by three opposition political party members.

Abigirl Mupambi argues that the nation suffered irreparable damage owing to the gullibility of the international media and Zimbabwe’s detractors.

“What is clear is that the nation suffered irreparable damage because of their acts. It’s an issue of national interest or even international interest. At this point, Zimbabwe must ratify the laws that make sure we put our nation first and the law has to be blunt in dealing with such culprits. From the first day, I knew this was a rehearsal which they turned into reality in their minds,” said Mupambi.

Another political analyst, Dr Tawanda Zinyama, said the revelations cement the view that opposition political parties, the majority of which lack basic ideological grounding, will do anything for political mileage and financial gain.

“This was expected from such characters, considering that their abduction case was weak from the onset. This has become the modus operandi for opposition politicians meant to discredit Zimbabwe on the global stage,” he said.

The latest development exposes political stage management of monumental proportions after the international media and the country’s detractors gullibly fed into the false narrative.

The opposition has on many occasions been criticised for placing itself at the mercy of international media and human rights organisations by falsifying abductions.

It also comes a few days after the Zimbabwe Republic Police exposed another Citizens Coalition for Change Executive Member, Herbert Gomba for faking his abduction.

While social media was awash with claims that Gomba had been abducted, he surprised all and sundry by surrendering to the police in the company of his lawyer.