MASH CENTRAL: Mahuwe-Mushumbi-Kanyemba road tarring resumes

By Tapiwa Machemedze
RESIDENTS of Mbire have welcomed the tarring of the Mahuwe-Mushumbi Highway which connects to Kanyemba, an area earmarked for massive transformation by the Second Republic.
Work has resumed on the Mahuwe-Mushumbi-Kanyemba road after the release of government funds for tarring the highway.
The road is expected to play a pivotal role in transforming the district, especially Kanyemba border area which is being primed as a tourism and trade hub.
“We hope the construction will continue, it will bring many benefits, especially in the rainy season we have many challenges in areas like Bande, Chombe to get to Mushumbi roads will be blocked.” said a villager, Asman Taibu.
“The road should be completed quickly so that we get vehicles to travel and we get a lot of business, because if there is no road there are no clients that come here and we do not get business, so the earlier the better.” said Elias Maposa, a community member.
“I just hope they will reach the point they have set the road to reach not to say that we will stop here the funds have been finished.” said another villager, Joshua Mapfumo.
Mbire Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Claudius Majaya said the road is a key enabler for business as the major growth point, Mushumbi is currently not accessible by a tarred road.
“We are very much excited as the community of Mbire by the commencement of work at Mahuwe Kanyemba road, it is a thing that we have been waiting for. The excitement is emanating from the fact that for a while work had stopped now that they have started and the contractor is now on site, so that is obviously going to improve traffic and help the vision that we have to get Kanyemba conferred with town status.” said Mr Majaya.
Tarring of the 130 kilometre stretch of the road will improve work efficiency as several government departments and the private sector are working on a number of key enablers such as electricity and expanding irrigation land, among other developments.