Machete gangs a threat to women miners

By ZBC Reporter
Women miners remain at risk under the continued threats of machete-wielding gangs, with revelations that many are now contemplating abandoning operations.
Horrific stories are coming out of the artisanal and small scale mining industry which is currently battling the burden of machete-wielding gangs as women miners have not been spared from the violence with revelations of targeted attacks.
A meeting convened in Harare this Friday saw women miners amplifying their calls for an immediate solution.
“We are very much concerned. It is now beyond many of us. Many women are being targeted but we can not do anything about it,” said Blessing Hungwe, chairperson of Women in Mining.
The Zimbabwe Miners Federation President, Henrietta Rushwaya said the Federation is strongly pushing for the end of these violent activities which have severely exposed miners.
“Women miners are indeed suffering at the hands of these violent thugs preying on their activities. The situation is so bad that many are finding it difficult to continue their operations. The war against these violent activities is not just for the police but there is a need for enhanced cooperative approach,” she said.
Law enforcement agents have since launched an intense operation in hotspots across the country which has netted over 900 suspects.