Machakaire bails out Bounty Lisa

By ZBC Reporter
THE Deputy Minister of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation Tinoda Machakaire has asked dancehall musician Bounty Lisa to get quotations from local doctors so that he can assist on her medical bills.
The Youthful MP donated ZWL$5000 to the musician for groceries as well as transport to get quotations from local doctors.
“As a government, we are concerned about the welfare of our artistes, the youth and everyone. So when we got the news I thought it was proper for us to come and see how best we can work with the dancehall artist. She inspires a lot of ladies and youth so, for now, we are working to assist her,” he said.
Machakaire, who is also Hwedza South Legislator said after getting quotations he will liaise with officials from the Ministry of Health and Child Care so that she will get the best treatment in the country.
Pinias Musenyi, father of the musician said he was grateful that the government has remembered her daughter who is also a breadwinner in their family.
“She is the one who was paying for rentals, buying food for the family because we are pensioners. Now she can’t go to work because of her condition. Things have changed in this family,” Musenyi said.
He said Bounty Lisa’s calamity has forced her mother to relocate to South Africa to fend for the family.
“Her mother was forced to go to South Africa to do part-time work so that the family can survive. Rentals here are going up and are being paid in foreign currency, that is how bad the situation has become since she got ill,” he narrated.
The musician said it was humbling to note that government is concerned about the welfare of musicians.
“I have been told by doctors that my operation can only be done in October 2020. Now that they have offered to assist, I am happy. I want to thank the government for their efforts to make our life easy as artistes,” she said.