Lurcene production will not lead to relocation of people – Dendairy

By Tendai Munengwa

THE Chilonga Project in Masvingo has set in motion a stakeholder engagement process focused on creating people centred awareness on the technical dimensions of the lucerne production and ensure the investment direction will not warrant the relocation of people.

Stakeholders including traditional leaders, members of the Rural District Development Committee, grassroots communities among others have been identified to agree on the scope of the investment before it goes full throttle.

Spokesperson of the project investor, Lilian Muungani, assured the people of Chilonga that the investment blueprint is aimed at coming up with a win-win formula with the community.

“As an investor we believe it is important for the community to be given an opportunity to fully absorb the facts around lucerne irrigation to help them come live to the unfolding economic opportunities and the project – with the whole idea to empower the community and assure them that no relocation is warranted,” Muungani said.

The overall project vision is set up multiple lurcene producing hubs throughout the country for export market and to complement efforts being implemented in the context of NDS1 to revive the national herd.