Low cost harvester unveiled in Seke

By Tendai Munengwa
Farmers in Seke district got a shot in the arm following the unveiling of a new version of small harvester which shells maize and soya bean at affordable rates.
The new small harvester version was launched at one of the productive farmers Edson Makina’s farm in Seke District who has started harvesting over 100 hectares of command agriculture maize.
“This a very cheap mode of a harvester and the good thing it can shell maize and soya like the usual harvester but as you can see, it is powered by a tractor so it makes it cheap for smallholder farmers who can harvest their crop shell it easily,” he said.
The unveiling of the new harvester was welcomed by a local legislator, Honourable Munyaradzi Kashambe who implored government to facilitate importation of such shellers under the mechanization programme.
“I want to commend this empowerment drive to mechanize our farm, my appeal is for government to facilitate the importation of more of this cheap mode of harvesters which can cushion both small and large farmers from the high cost of hiring big combine harvesters,” said Kashambe.
The country is in short supply of combine harvesters and the farmers are hopeful that the new small harvester will cut costs.