LOCK-DOWN: Security will enforce with listening ear – President

By ZBC Reporter

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the job of the country’s security services over the 21-day lockdown period which started on Monday “is to help, to protect, and to keep us all safe”.

“The security services will be enforcing the lockdown with a listening ear,” the president said during an address to the nation at State House Monday evening.

“I repeat, if you need to leave your homes to buy food and medicines, you will be able to do so.”

Zimbabwe imposed the three-week lockdown in response to the Coronavirus global pandemic with seven confirmed positive tests for the virus and one fatality.

Internationally, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said more than 690,000 cases had been confirmed by this Monday with 33,000 deaths recorded.

President Mnangagwa told Zimbabweans that they have 21 days to save thousands of lives.

“The 21-day lockdown is not a punishment, it cannot be avoided,” he said.

“We have 21 days right now to save thousands of lives. And will we save those thousands of lives? By acting responsibly, and by staying at home. By washing your hands and by keeping at least two meters distance from one another.”

Zimbabweans must, over the next three weeks conduct themselves as if they had contracted the virus.

“I want all of you to spend the next 21 days acting as if you have the virus, as if you are a carrier,” said the President.

“Would you want to infect your friends? Would you want to infect your families? Would you want to infect your countrymen?

“Of course not. So, keep your distance – two meters away from each other. Don’t touch your face. Again … wash your hands.”