Local marimba academy shines


By ZBC Reporter

A local marimba academy-WINAD Music Trust raised the country’s flag high after scooping the first prize at the International Marimba Competition held in South Africa recently.

Out of 135 entries that were drawn from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Japan, USA, UK and the Caribbean Island, the academy came first as the best Marimba band.

Zimbabwean traditional music is irresistible. It is original which is why it is very much appreciated in the diaspora. We are so excited as an academy for winning the competition, said a member of the academy.

Not only African countries were represented, non-African countries whom we do exchange programs with, were also part of the show, said a member of the academy.

It is not the first time for the academy to win the competition having also won in 2013, which came with an opportunity to represent the African continent at a festival held in Argentina.