Local film producer tackles child rights issues in his new offering

By Colette Musanyera

A local film producer is on a drive to raise awareness on child rights issues through his new film, Dzemudanga, which is set to premiere this Friday.

The film, which revolves around the lead character Simbiso, chronicles child abuse issues chief among them early marriages.

The producer/director of the film, Charles Mutyavaviri says through mobile cinema, he is also set to take Dzemudanga to remote areas, where some of the vices explored in the film are rampant.

“Dzemudanga is all about child protection. It tackles issues like early marriages and we want the film to be accessed by a huge audience. After the premiere we will take the film to remote areas where most of these cases are happening. The film will also be aired on ZBC TV,” Mutyavaviri said.

The cast of the film comprises new talent and veterans in the industry who include Conrad ‘Humba’ Mwanawashe.

Film enthusiasts will also have access to Dzemudanga courtesy of ZBC TV this November.

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