Local company donates PPE to tobacco farmers

Tobacco farmers in the Dohwa area of Makoni are working closely with health authorities to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 pandemic on this year’s production of the golden leaf.

Farmers who spoke to ZBC News at a handover of personal protective equipment to Dohwa Clinic by a local tobacco contracting company said they are working with health authorities in fighting Covid-19 to ensure there is no interruption in tobacco production. 

“As farmers we are working with health authorities to fight the covid-19 pandemic during the tobacco season,” said a farmer, Naume Mukosera.

Another farmer, Sarah Nkomo, said their workers require protective equipment, therefore the donation has come at the right time and they will do all they can to fight this disease.

The company’s general manager Mr Andrew Mupfawa said they are working to empower the tobacco farmer to ensure maximum production during this Covid-19 period.

“As a company we are working to ensure there is no interruption to tobacco production due to covid-19, that there is maximum production,” said the company’s general manager, Andrew Mupfawa.

Meanwhile, the clinic, which serves farmers from the Dohwa small scale commercial farming area, received gloves, sanitisers, thermometers and disposable gowns.

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